Amedange Dogue de Bordeaux

A Tribute to Sue-ki

In Loving Memory of my Darling Sue-ki

27/2/04 - 2/5/07

Rest easy my Angel - for we will be together soon

Words cannot express the loss that I am feeling. My heart is broken and will never be the same. My darling girl, my sweetest Sueki. So suddenly you were called from this world, too short for us to say our farewells. I will never forget you my sweet. My first born baby, I never thought you would be the first to leave me.

How dearly I wish that I could join you now and we could be together forever.

Nothing will ever replace you my ‘Sue-Sue’.

You were my greatest companion through the hardest of times and were always at my side. Your head on knee all day and all night, staring intently into my eyes with the greatest compassion and understanding. I never had to give you commands you always knew what I was thinking. We had our special little way of understanding each other.

Our last walk together, when you left me and walked yourself home will always stay with me forever....



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