Amedange Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux loves to be stroked. He is ‘clinging’. 

He will give a paw ten times to get what he wants. When you let him do as he likes, he will overwhelm you. 

He will scramble on your lap, on your shoulders. He will stand up when his master or mistress gets up. 

He waits at the door of the bathroom. 

He will look fondly in your eyes.  He sits on your foot and can stay there for hours. 

He lies forgotten under the table.  He will accompany you on your walk and stay close. 

In short, he loves you. This fidelity lasts till the day he dies.”

An exert from the magnificent book “The Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux” By Raymond Triquet from Bas Bosch Press.



It was love at first sight when I saw my first Dogue some 14 years ago, but of course the heart strings had already been pulled by the moved “Turner & Hooch”.

My life with Dogues, began when I purchased my first beautiful girl Tagi.  She was my introduction into the Conformation Show area and the Obedience rings.  Along with my old Siberian Husky, Ryda, we spent many years enjoying our days out training and showing.  Tagi’s steadfast devotion and loyalty lead me to my love of the breed, and so I adopted the name “Amedange”, which in French translates to “Angel Soul”. My Dogue family has grown a little over the years.  The breed is truly addictive.  The only thing better than owning a Dogue - is owning more Dogues!

In 2007, I lost my ‘heart’ Dogue.  Sueki was my first home bred girl and my first really successful show dog.  She was my best mate, my lap dog and I will miss her dearly for the rest of my life.  I call her my first ‘Angel’.   Sueki achieved so much in her short life and did me proud, providing me with our first major wins at All Breed Royal Competition level.   Sadly in 2011, I lost my 'Tagi', at the wonderful age of 11 years, and my 'Li-loo' lost her fight to Lymphoma at Christmas.  My gentleman and my love 'Steel' passed not long after and was shortly followed by 'Angus' not long after his father.   

They were the last of my Australian lines.    I had already decided many years earlier to end my breeding from their lines, and look across the sea, in search of the best lineage and follow my heart for the true type of DDBX that I loved. 

In my pursuit of knowledge of the breed, I have travelled to Europe multiple times to attend the SADB French Nationale Clubmatch.  The ultimate breed speciality show for Dogue Lovers from across the world and I consider it absolutely essential for anyone serious about breeding this amazing dog – true to type and to international standards – to attend this Exposition once in your lifetime.   No matter how many Dogues you see in one location in Australia - nothing compares to seeing the best from all across the world, usually well over 300+ at the French Nationale.    If you are serious about this breed, you have to attend the FN, the ultimate in dogue eduction for the true breed connoisseur.

In 2009,  my dreams came true and Calypso was born in the USA by Kris Munday with a full french pedigree of legendary Dogues.   Then a few months later after waiting years for my dream, Shala, was born in the UK at the world renowned Jervindi Kennel with Bev Graham.   I bless the day these two arrived in my life.   They provided me with many years of laughter and love and some truly amazing offspring to continue with for my kennel and follow my dream.   My girls, and all my other Angels - will always stay in heart.

I have imported 3 DDB to date. Our 2 girls, were over 4 years in the planning and well worth the wait.   Shala, our British beauty was the first to arrive from the world famous Jerivindi Kennel, who I personally visited a number of times, and Calypso, our all French pedigreed girl, from America, was next to arrive.  We have also imported a male, son of 2xFrench BIS winner, Moby who we travelled across the world to hand pick, Southern Cross z’Orisku (Imp Czech Rep) in conjunction with Bellarouge Kennels.

Amedange is HOME TO THE BEST OF BREED WINNER OF THE FIRST INAUGURAL DDB FEATURE SPECIALITY SHOW 2011, judged by International Breed Specialist Bas Bosch. Aust. Ch. Camelots Chunky Cherub (Imp USA), winning at the largest show of DDB in Australian History beating 40 entries. She is a true example of a Speciality Show DDB. 

Unfortunately most of the current All Breeds Shows in Australia are not being won by DDB that are true to type. Breed Education is needed across the Judging Community as well as amongst Australian Kennels. 

I have also visited many kennels across Europe and the UK and thank all of the wonderful people I have met for their encouragement and friendship.   Seeing the best DDB in the world, in the flesh and spending many hours talking to breeders with over 50 years experience and history is a life changing and truly humbling experience.  

We are proud of the fact that we spent the time, and effort in actually meeting our import breeders in person, spending the hours talking with them and the expense of visiting their own kennels and seeing for ourselves the lines of our choosing in the flesh and in the comfort of their own homes. 

My good friend Rene Brochier gave me the opportunity of a lifetime in 2009 to handle his beautiful girl Deja Vu De Legeane in the Open Bitch class of the French Nationale in Rambervilliers. She was awarded a much coveted Excellent grading, a moment that will stay with me forever, along with her Medallion which Rene graciously gave me as a gift. I will treasure it always. Thank you Rene! 

My dogs are my family, my children, I share everything with them, they are my solace.  Some are much loved pets and happily retired whilst others are living the exciting life of the conformation arena.

I do full health tests on all our dogs. Health and quality of the breed are everything and we strive to maintain and improve structural soundness, type and temperament. We have been exhibiting for over 17 years, with our dogs achieving Australian Champ titles and many ín Group’and ín Show’ awards all at ‘All Breed Level’ under both Australian and  International Judges. 

I love my dogs, and choose not to show every weekend, their quality of life matters most to us, not winning in the show ring for our own personal gain. 

I choose to only breed selectively to add to my Family or to improve the breed type overall and very rarely have litters available.

We are working in partnership with Taureauxroug Kennels in Western Australia for the benefit of the breed, and the future of our breeding program.  We are very excited for the future and plans for our dogs and their offspring in conjunction with Taureauxroug Kennels. 

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