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It takes a very special person to understand and truly love a Dogue de Bordeaux - unconditionally.

Even though the Dogue is a rare breed and people and families can pay very good money to own one - Many Dogues are abandoned, dumped and even surrendered every year! Some have been so badly mistreated and beaten, you would never know that they are a Dogue, others have just turned out too expensive to keep, or their families may have decided they do not have room for them anymore. The reasons that these loving, faithful and gorgeous dogs are being abandoned are endless. Some Dogues do not survive, others do but have poor health for the rest of their lives, and some lucky ones are adopted by those extra special people amongst us who have so much love to give, they are willing to take on a grown dog, with the added baggage that comes with a rescue. You know who you are......

Reputable breeders go to a lot of effort to try and select the right homes for the right puppy. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason. We always take our Dogues back and will even take in other Dogues that are in need of a home or in need of rescuing, until they can find a forever home again. Rescued dogs are usually always desexed due to the impact that their suffering has had on their long term health and most are not good breed examples and should never be bred from.

Fortunately, for three of our extended family, they found their way back to us. Unfortunately, their owners were not the right people to care for them. They all thankfully, found new wonderful homes.

Life changes, and so does the world situation as it has in recent years.  One of our more recent boys, Dougs needed to be re-homed.  His devastated owners, sadly surrended him to Guardian Angel Rescue Inc in South Australia.   I cannot recommend the team at GAR enough, for all their patience with assisting Dougs to a different life and prepare him for a new home. 

He is now living with a new family in South Australia and hopefully, these will be his forever people.

If you have room in your heart and room in your home, and are willing and able to take on the responsibility of owning a Dogue Rescue. Please drop us an email. If we do not have any available, we can put in contact with someone who may be able to help.




ANGUS was thankfully returned to us by his owner. In a matter of weeks he went from being a scared timid, horribly thin half bald Dogue - to an outgoing social thick set bundle of muscle with a thick luxurious coat like his dad.

Unfortunately heath tests revealed that Angus’s mistreatment was a lot more serious than just being thin, he will forever have scars of his former life. We will never know what his true potential could have been.  He was hip/elbow scored with excellent results but was desexed due to injuries from his previous owners.

He is an outgoing and very loyal boy. The first at the door, the first for pats, but the last to say goodnight. He loves to be loved and will quietly take all the attention you can give him. He is definitely is fathers son, the pair of them are inseparable and do everything together.

Angy made such an impression, that we can’t part with him.  He spent his days happily retired with his family.   He was besties with Shala and was never far behind his father Steel.    


 DIESEL was surrendered to us by his owners and thank goodness he was. He was so emaciated he could hardly walk and did not have any hair on his body, he was an oozing sickly grey mess.   Even though Diesel has had his health problems in the past, he is now doing exceptionally well. Considering everything he has been through.

He is a very active bouncing bundle of ‘love’. He just loves everybody and is definitely a ‘velcro’ dogue like his mother. He is always stuck to your leg and will never let you out of his sight. Going to the bathroom alone, when Diesel is around is difficult.  Deez was hip/elbow scored with excellent results but has been desexed. 

Sadly, Diesel was surrendered to us again, by his second family.   Situations change and his family could not keep him.   Luckily for Diesel, he found a home living with his little sister Roxy and her family. 



 PHOENIX was abandoned by her owner at a boarding kennel and luckily they were able to contact me to take her back.   

Phoenix was such a quiet gentle sole, it is hard to understand how someone could have done this to her.   As a result of her loss of her family at such a young age, she stressed so badly that it has had a huge affect on her health.   

Phoenix was lucky enough to find a forever home with my brother and his family and her big brother Ten. She was hip and elbow scored but was desexed. 

Sadly, Foo passed away in November 2008 in her bed, beside her best friend. We will all miss you Foo.


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