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Owning a DDB


No doubt well before you read this you have already fallen in love with the ‘junk-yard   dog’ from the movie Turner and Hooch. The Dogue de Bordeaux is an amazing creature. You will not find another dog that is as loyal, as faithful, as loveable, as intelligent as these very laid-back dogs.

I have put together some simple notes to help you best understand what it is like to own a Dogue. If you haven’t changed your mind by the end of this page.....Then welcome to my world! The world of the ‘have to be absolutely mad’ but truly madly deeply in love with this glorious breed.


The Dogue is a very deep dog. Deep means emotionally. Break his heart or be cruel to him and he will never forgive you and he will carry those scares in his heart forever. A Dogue de Bordeaux literally ‘worships’ you, like no human or animal ever will. They become extremely attached to their owners and their families.

The Dogue does not handle separation very well. Especially boarding kennels when you may be going on holidays and cannot take your Dogue with you. Your Dogue will stress so much due to the separation and change of environments, that their health may suffer dramatically and to some stages critically. Your Dogue will decide on your holidays for you.

Some say, “You never own a Dogue - they own you”.


A Dogue de Bordeaux is a guard dog and with that, will guard their home and owners with every ounce of strength in their bodies. A Dogue is not a fighting dog though. They do not attack without reason.

Every Dogue is different in personality. Some love to lay or swim in water, others will happily play in the ocean but won’t go near a puddle. Others love to lay in the rain, whilst some won’t even go outside to toilet if it means getting their feet wet. Some will chase a ball all day, whilst others just don’t see the point in it but will play with a stuffed toy all day. They are all very similar but are different in their own individual ways.



Dogues drool - and some do quite a lot. It gets everywhere, on your clothes, on your furniture, on your car windows, on the walls and even the ceilings and especially on your visitors. If your guests don’t appreciate the drool, they won’t come back again. Their water bowls are usually thick with drool, often more drool than water by the end of the day. You will end up with drool cloths in every room of the house,even in your back pocket.

A Dogue does not live a long life. Most rarely reach 6 or even 8 years, 10 years is rare.

You will fall in love with your Dogue only to find him pass before you expect.



A Dogue is a highly intelligent dog. They might not seem to be when compared to other breeds. The difference is that when given a command, such as ‘sit’. A Dogue already knows exactly what you are asking of them, but before they blindly obey you, they will think about it. What am I going to get out of this, is their a reward, is their something else more exciting going on, if I don’t do it what will happen? You can actually see them thinking before they decide what to do.

The Dogue is therefore not the best or easiest dog to train and requires someone who has a strong sense of ‘who is boss’ to get the best from training a Dogue. If you want a dog that will blindly follow your commands, don’t buy a Dogue.

He will know his strength (and their is plenty of that) and will easily drag you from one end of the park to the other, unless you are able to control him and even then, well.....that’s a Dogue.


In saying that, if you socialise your Dogue correctly from a young age, attend Puppy training classes and persevere through all the obedience classes (and can still keep your Dogue interested and not bored) you will have a very rewarding lifelong bond with your obedient Dogue.

Who might still surprise you every now and then with a little rebellion.....



A Dogue has the most magnificent head in the dog world and a face to match.  And they will use it too.  You can actually see a Dogue thinking by their expressions.

Their emotions are evident on their face as well. Happy, sad, mischievous or depressed.  Their face says it all. They will even ignore you when they don’t get there own way.

Sulking or pretending to not hear you, even pretending to be asleep .  They will stare into your eyes for hours on end to get their own way or to make you understand what they want.



A Dogue is a large dog and with a LARGE dog comes LARGE expenses.

Food bills, toy and bedding costs, general well being expenses, and of course the vet bills. If you don’t have a lot of money spare, don’t get a Dogue.

A big dog eats a lot of food, without correct diet comes all the medical bills.

You must be certain that you can afford the medical bills of a large dog like the Dogue......they will be substantial, should the Dogue ever become ill.

You must be prepared OR DON'T BUY A DOGUE.


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